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Quick facts...

You can earn up to $500, $1000, or even $5000 a month as a professional sports product tester.

Even if you're not famous, there's a way you can make money by trying and endorsing certain sports products. 

You don't need any experience or special skills if you're willing to learn the basics of what to do.

You can choose whatever sports you want.

You can participate on your own schedule when it's convenient for you.

It doesn't take any more time than you already spend on fitness and having fun.

Even if you're not fit or active, you can still earn money by sponsoring and managing those who are.

This opportunity to open to both men and women ages 18 and over.

You can begin right away. Online training is free.

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A few associated

celebrity endorsers

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National Surfing Champion


Chancey Billips

NBA All Star

Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle

Gold Medalist, Olympic

Cross Country Skiing

Ian Adamson

7-time World Champion Adventure Racer

Erin Thorn

WNBA Basketball Player

Isa Phillips

Olympian, NCAA Champion, 400-meter Hurdles

Christina McMahon

World Kickboxing Champion

Nash Jocic

16-time World Body

Building Champion

Chris Scott

2-time Gold Medalist, Track Cycling, Paralympic Games

Marcel Haremza

Professional Golfer

Simon Vroemen

9-time National Champion and European Record Holder, 3000-meter Steeple Chase

Emily Rosemond

Olympic Speed Skater/Cyclist

Dee Brown

Former NBA Guard,

1991 Slam Dunk Champion

Holly and Mike Semanoff

Bodybuilding and

Fitness Champions

Anna Harkowska

Triple Silver Medalist, Pursuit Cycling and Road Racing, Paralympic Games

Dru Adler

World Surfing Champion

These athletes are official spokespersons for select products featured and endorsed by the Coconut Group.

Are you into sports, exercise, fitness?

This is for you...

Now you can make money doing what you love Ė having fun and being active. You can turn your passion into a paycheck.

In fact, you can choose any sport you want, do it when you want, and make as much money as you want. If youíre like me, itís a dream come true.

Dru White

Hi. My name is Dru White. I'm a professional sports product tester.

I make good money at it Ė and Iím here to tell you that you can do the same thing. I can show you, step by step, exactly what to do to make up to $500, $1000, or even $5000 a month. You donít need experience or special skills. And it doesnít take any more time than you already spend working out and having fun.

Why be a product tester?

Maeva WhiteSometimes people ask me what I do for a living. When I tell them that I go for nature walks, they laugh and say, ďNo, really. What do you do?Ē Well, thatís what I do. (Actually, itís called hiking but itís the same thing). Two or three times a week I go out for a nice walk or trail run. In a typical day, I also spend time browsing the net, playing around on Facebook, and sometimes I talk about the products I use.

I donít go to work. I don't have a boss . I do whatever I want all day. As a product tester, I make a good, steady income that gives me a comfortable lifestyle. My wife Maeva and I are a team, so she doesnít work outside the home either. We have a spacious 8800-square-foot home, three paid-for cars in the garage, and some money in the bank.

If youíre active and like sports, this is the perfect deal for you. But even if youíre not very active just yet, you can still make good money as a product tester. In fact, you can make a little money or a lot. Itís up to you. You can simply decide what you want and go for it.

What is a professional product tester?

A product tester evaluates and recommends products. No, you don't work in a laboratory or do anything technical or scientific. You just use products like you normally would and see how you like them. Then, you endorse the products you like. It's really easy. Nothing hard or complicated. When other people try the products you recommend, you get paid a royalty. This is what sets you apart as a professional.

Itís important to understand the difference between a professional and an amateur. Both have favorite products they use as part of their fitness activities, such as sports drinks, apparel, gear, etc. The difference is that a professional gets paid for using and endorsing products. An amateur doesnít. In many cases, they both use the same product. Itís just that a professional has a special way to profit by using the product. Thatís what Iíll show you how to do Ė how to be a professional. All you need is a little guidance, and you can do it, too.

How do you make money?

Everyoneís heard of celebrities who get paid buckets of money for endorsing products. Well, Iím not a celebrity, and chances are, youíre not either. Since weíre not famous, no one is going to give us a pile of cash up front. But that doesnít matter. You can still make thousands of dollars doing basically the same thing Ė if you know how. Thatís where I can help you. As you use and endorse certain products, thereís a way to make plenty of money on the back end.

What do I mean by back end? Letís say a company agreed to pay you $2 every time certain customers buy a product. What if 250 customers bought that product this week? That would be $500 in your pocket. What if 1000 customers bought the product? Or 5000? You get the idea. It can add up to a lot of money.

The key is to find a company who will make this kind of a deal with you, a good-sized company that has a superb sports product. You also need to know how to evaluate and endorse a product so you can attract lots of customers and get paid for it.

Donít worry. I have everything all worked out for you. Iíve already done all the hard work. All you have to do is follow what I share with you. Remember, Iíve been making money at this for over sixteen years. I know what Iím talking about. If you listen to me, you can do very well.

I'll show you how to do it...

It's easy to get started. Just take a few minutes to carefully study my new Complete Guide online. My mini-manual contains simply step-by-step instructions Ė everything you need to know to start making money as a sports product tester. Here are just a few of the valuable tips and insider secrets you'll learnĖ

Honestly, couldn't you use some extra income? Especially if it doesn't take any more time than you already spend working out and having fun? (By the way, if you're not working out, this could be the perfect reason to get started.)

So what are you waiting for? All you have to do is click here and begin learning...

A few of the brands I recommend...

As a qualified professional, you can also receive deep discounts on hundreds of brands Ė up to

50% or more off retail. (Details available to registered members only. Inquire after you register.)

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